The Ranipet Marathon 2021 is the event which is organised by Jollyboys team and combined efforts of BHEL Ancilliary association and Leather industries.

      It is the event which encourage the people to make running as part of life to explore the world by run. This marathon will motivate the runners by physically and mentally which create the social inter connection between runners to celebrate their fitness activities. On 24th dec Honorable Mr R. GANDHI Minister for Handlooms and Textiles of Tamil Nadu and Honorable Mr D. Baskarapandian, I.A.S.,.inaugurated the event. It contains Full marathon(42K), Half marathon(21K), Mini marathon(10K), Fun run(5K), and cycling (42K)etc., around 2000 runners has participated.

To see event Photos : RM 2021 PHOTOS                           Certificate Download link : RM 2021 JB 3rd Edition
Click here to videos : RM 2021 VIDEOS                                           To see Results : RM 2021 Event Results