Privacy Policy


Jolly Boys Runners Club and Sports development Trust (“JB” or “us” or “we” or “our”) respects the privacy of individuals and is committed to providing and maintaining a safe, secure and transparent environment to protect the personal data you supply to us. This Privacy Policy relates to our use of any personal data we collect from you via the following means:, related is an official site of us and collecting information about the Participant for the Basic personal Identity and Communication Purpose throughout the Event.

We obey the right of your control on the personal data updated to our site and we are making the communication about the Event to the runner throughout the period of the Event dates.

We are having the rights to use Photographs and the Videos taken during the Event for the Purposes of Event Promotions, Clubs promotion.

The Contents and Designs and the Concepts used in the website are inspired by the existing websites and if any issues were found means, we will change the regarding dynamically.

JB will have the right to make phone calls with the Registered Mob. No. if there any need to collect any other information from the user.

We are having Copyrights and Content rights on the Photographs, Videos and Result based data from the Events conducted by us, if any user were to be found threatening the data in the site, JB will have to right to make complaints on that.

The images and Illustrated things used on the site are copyrighted by JB and if it is found to be a Historical things means, our motive is to bring awareness and make fame the historic things, only not to spoil the physical things. We will not have the rights to own the fame of the Historic things like building or vintage structures.

We are using the Third party integrations some times for providing our Users a best experience, we will not responsible if any data leakage will occurred.

The Contents used for the communication will be approved templates and it may be familiar format, so user may advised to have clarification about the messages they are receiving, if any third party is using the same format means, we may not responsible if anybody makes the fake messages with our name. User must ne aware on that.

The photographs and Results extract from the user will be available for a public access and if any improper access on the data or reuse of the data in an improper way, means JB will not be responsible.

The Photographs and Videos will be released with the watermark of the event only and also it will be charged in future if the JB committe will decided to sell it.

We are using the Third Party Payment Gateway, if user faces any transaction issue means, JB will try their to best to resolve the issue but not responsible on any account.

The Logos and images used in the Sites as Sponsors are for promoting their company only, it will not promoting their products or their motives and JB not taking full responsibility if they found to be illegal.

JB will not involved in the Violence both in physically and mentally and not using the abusing things in the promotional activities.

The Physical materials used in the Events are may be Self made or a ready made things, if it found to be a duplicate one on the existing, JB responsible for that.


1. The Payment made for the registration will not be refunded, if the user needs to change the category, they have to register for new.

2. If the user have made the payment twice due to network issues it will be monitored thoroughly by the organizing team and after when it is found to be true, refund will be initiated by 3 to 4 Days.

3. The Cancellation or modification of the registration are not allowed to avoid extra confusions on the data.