1. Is there any manual Registration point available?

Yes, it will be done as Live Registration, you may found the Registration points with the Contact Us page.

  1. How can I get Updates about the Event?

You will be updated via SMS, Email (Email is the preferred mode of communication).

  1. Shall we change T-shirt size after registration?

No, you can’t change the Size of the T-shirts because we are working on the order basis, we are working on the every registration lively.

  1. Can we change the category, if we need to change after registration?

Changing category are not advisable but you can contact organizer regarding to that and you are answered with 1 to 2 days.

  1. What will the Finisher get?

Finisher will be awarded with Medals and a digital certificate, you can download it from the site itself.

  1. Is there hydration points are available in the Event?

Yes, you may find the Hydration points in the repetitive distances.

  1. What about the Route for the Running Event?

You can find the Routes for the Event on the Categories and Routes part in the Homepage.